Pipe Mug

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Brand: Nucleus

Includes a 14mm male bowl

Height: 8 inches

Base Width: 4 inches

Joint Style: 14mm female

Sandblasted glass construction


clear glass High-quality clear glass allows you to watch the liquid rush around the tight waterways and bubbles stack as smoke/vapor rushes through the percolators.
frosted glass This item has been crafted with stunning frosted glass.
thick glass Overall durability and a prolonged lifetime is achieved with thicker, tougher glass.
sandblasted glass Giving a misty appearance similar to frosted glass, sandblasted pieces will always stand out great in your collection.
14mm joint This size of the joint is 14mm, to be used with 14mm attachments and accessories of the opposite gender. 
90° joint This item features a 90° diagonal joint to be used with other 90° attachments and accessories.
female joint This item features a female joint to be used with all male-jointed attachments and accessories of the same size. 
bent neck The neck is bent at an angle better suited for inhaling from the bong. A bent neck means you don't have to bend yours. Bent necks also help act as a splashguard.
flared mouthpiece The glass lip around the mouthpiece helps to comfortably fit to your mouth and form an airtight seal while you inhale.
maria rings Maria rings are usually found directly below the mouthpiece or along the inside of the neck, with several glass rings smoothing the airways.
can chamber This piece features a can-shaped chamber for a sharper appearance.
showerhead percolator Resembling a showerhead, this percolator begins as a tight glass vertical tube which widens as the smoke/vapor is filtered and split through the many slits/holes.