10" Silicone Straight Tube Bong

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Brand: Nucleus

Includes a glass bowl

Height: 10 inches

Base Width: 4.25 inches

Joint Style: 14mm female

Downstem: 3" 18mm to 14mm silicone


Melting point over 1200°F

Dishwasher safe

Food-grade silicone


14mm joint This size of the joint is 14mm, to be used with 14mm attachments and accessories of the opposite gender. 
45° joint This item features a 45° diagonal joint to be used with other 45° attachments and accessories.
female joint This item features a female joint to be used with all male-jointed attachments and accessories of the same size. 
straight tube A straight tube design is a skinny, vertical cylinder. These pieces are very easy to clean and great for transporting or storing.
removable downstem The downstem is the glass tube which delivers the smoke from the bowl to the bottom of the bong. This item has a removable downstem, creating an initial percolator with slits/holes as well as making it easier to clean.
flared mouthpiece The glass lip around the mouthpiece helps to comfortably fit to your mouth and form an airtight seal while you inhale.