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Double Stereo Matrix J-Hook Perc Dab Rig

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Includes a 14mm female glass dome and nail

Height: 12 inches

Base Width: 4 inches

Joint Style: 14mm male

Super thick 4mm glass

Dual chamber


colored glass High-quality colored glass gives a beautiful appearance.
clear glass High-quality clear glass allows you to watch the liquid rush around the tight waterways and bubbles stack as smoke/vapor rushes through the percolators.
thick glass Overall durability and a prolonged lifetime is achieved with thicker, tougher glass.
14mm joint This size of the joint is 14mm, to be used with 14mm attachments and accessories of the opposite gender. 
90° joint This item features a 90° diagonal joint to be used with other 90° attachments and accessories.
male joint This item features a male joint to be used with all female-jointed attachments and accessories of the same size. 
bent neck The neck is bent at an angle better suited for inhaling from the bong. A bent neck means you don't have to bend yours. Bent necks also help act as a splashguard.
flared mouthpiece The glass lip around the mouthpiece helps to comfortably fit to your mouth and form an airtight seal while you inhale.
matrix percolator This percolator positions its holes/slits surrounding a cylindrical chamber, achieving a lot of filtration in a compact size.
J-hook percolator Resembling an upside-down J, this type of percolator is usually used to connect multiple percolators on the more advanced pieces.