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Clear Baby Bottle Dab Rig

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Includes a glass dome and nail

Height: 7 inches

Base Width: 5 inches

Joint Style: 14mm male

Downstem: Diffused

Fab egg design


clear glass High-quality clear glass allows you to watch the liquid rush around the tight waterways and bubbles stack as smoke/vapor rushes through the percolators.
14mm joint This size of the joint is 14mm, to be used with 14mm attachments and accessories of the opposite gender. 
90° joint This item features a 90° diagonal joint to be used with other 90° attachments and accessories.
male joint This item features a male joint to be used with all female-jointed attachments and accessories of the same size. 
clear glass joint The joint of this bong or rig is made from clear glass, as opposed to the standard frosted glass used on most joints - giving a sleeker and more appealing look.
fab egg A faberge egg chamber is a hollow and egg-shaped, with small holes to filter, cool and regulate the hit. The fab egg design is very popular and effective for a clean, cool hit.
swiss percolator With the name taken from its resemblance to swiss cheese, this percolator features holes on a large disc, with smoke/vapor fed vertically through.
dewar's joint A glass tube connects the bowl/nail's joint to the chamber to reinforce and avoid damaging or snapping the joint.